18. Vedas Foretell About Muhammad (S.A.W.)

Vedas Foretell About Muhammad (S.A.W.)

Abdullah Adiyar

Muhammad was born in Arabia in the sixth century A.D. His coming was forecast in the Vedas much earlier person. This led me to make research. I found it to be true. Bhavishya Puran is one of the eighteen Puranas by Maharishi Veyas. One shloka in it says:

"An Acharya will descend in another country, along with his companions. His name will be Muhammad. He will come in desert." (chapter 2, shloka 3 sutra 5-8).

It further explains,

"He will be circumcised. He will not have the jata (long hair tied on the above). He will have beard and be a meat-eater. He will present his message most clearly and forcefully. He will call his followers Muslai". (chapter 2, shloka 25, sutra 3).

This is very meaningful. There was no tradition of circumcision among Hindus. Long hairs were religious symbol. The personality in forecast bears uncommon qualities and his followers are named Muslai. The word Muslai indicates Muslims and Musalman.

In Athar Veda chapter 20 we come across these shlokas:
"O followers! Hear. Praised and would be praised the greata Rishi Mahamahe who will come among sixty thousand ninety people." Muhammad in Arabic means the praised one. The population of Makka at that time was around sixty thousand.
"He will ride over twenty camels. He will be praised in heaven. That maharishi (great saint) will have hundred golden ornaments." We do not know of any camel--riding maharishi in India. It points towards Muhammad (PBUH) of Arabia. Hundred golden ornaments mean Prophet's hundred loyal followers migrating to Ethiopia.

"He will possess ten pearl necklaces, three hundred Arabic horses and ten thousand cows."

Ten pearl necklaces are Prophet's ten Companions --- widely known as ten who were given good news of their assured place in heaven. Three hundred horses indicate his 313 Companions who participated in the battle of Badr, the fist battle fought by Muslims. Ten thousand cows indicate his multitudinous followers.

The Quran calls him (Muhammad) the blessing for the universe. The Rigveda says, "Getting the title of Blessing, he, the praised one, will come with ten thousand companions." (Mantra 5 sutra 28).

Similarly, his coming had been referred in the Veda with names of Mohamad and Mahamahe.